School History

If you are interested in local history you will be may want to look at the Wickford History website which has a fascinating page about our school, along with lots of old photos and memories of Wickford.


School History

(Most information taken from front of 1994 - 2003 school log book)


 1861  School built

 1870  School subject to Inspection - supported by Government grants

 1894  Enlarged

 1905  2 classrooms and small hall built

 1907  1 extra room built


10th January 1908

A fire destroys the thatched roof and most of building. The fire may have started from a spark from the chimney or oily rags thrown onto the fire after cleaning the oil lamps which were used for lighting. A telegram was sent to the Fire Brigade in Chelmsford, but it did not have a signature, so they would not turn out as they were not sure who would be paying their expenses. The Billericay Fire Brigade started off instead, with their horse-drawn manual engine which had trouble getting up Crays Hill. The children from the nearby school came out to help push, but when they heard that the engine was going to the Wickford School they decided not to help and returned to their classes! There were only the brick walls and some window frames left by the time the Fire Brigade arrived.


November 1908

Rebuilt school reopens. Children had been having lessons in a temporary classroom in the Castle Hotel.


1961 School becomes an Infant School. Junior aged children transferred to Wickford County Junior School.

1964/5  Medway Unit classrooms

1965/6  Modern block built by Essex Stonecraft Ltd.

1966  Miss Copsey was Head Teacher

1967  Mrs. Astell became Head Teacher for 9 years. (173 children)

1976  Mrs. Colman became Head Teacher for 10 years. (150 - 100 children)

1977  Demountable classroom removed

1981  Playpen Playgroup commenced using large room in old building

1986  Mrs. Thomas became Head Teacher

1996  New Head Teacher's office and school office built. Old school office and corridor converted into large staff room. Head Teacher's old office became Deputy Head/Resource/Conference Room.


1998 The Playpen Playgroup vacated the school premises

1998 Mrs. Thomas retired as Head Teacher

1998  Mrs. Patmore became Head Teacher

2003 Mrs. Rogan became Head Teacher

2006  The Medway buildings were demolished to make way for two new

classrooms, a new library, a cookery area and much more space!

2009  Lovely new playground equipment was installed

2011  The staffroom was enlarged and a meeting room added

2011 The school became an academy, part of HEARTS Academy Trust and changed its name to The Wickford Church of England School.

2014  Little Teds Nursery opens its doors in a purpose built eco-friendly building

2017 The school developed a Garden and Dome of Spirituality.







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