Father Phillip

Father Philip’s Garden


Father Philip was a very special friend to our school.  We talked and we talked, and we thought quite a lot too, about how we would like to remember him. We knew we wanted to make part of our school a special place, a place to go and remember him and ideas began to grow about making 'something' that would remind us all of this special man.


We worked with Artist Christy to create a wonderful memory of Father Philip in the shape of a bear to go in the new garden.


Father Philip had not been able to go to Kenya as he had planned, so we decided to bring little bits of Kenya to this special place we were creating.


Mrs Johnson found a fantastic gorilla that had been made by children in Kenya! He seemed perfect!  Next she found a giraffe, and brought him too!  We have called the gorilla Pip and the giraffe Cookie.


Mr and Mrs Boswell work hard to tidy, plant and give our little garden some love and attention.  Mrs Boswell remembers how Father Philip had told her he liked the sound of wind chimes: he thought they were 'enchanting'.


Two wind chimes were the finishing touches to the garden!


On the 10th June, many special people, old friends and new friends, came to our school.  We held a special assembly, said prayers and remembered him.


We have had a very kind donation of some beautiful seats for this special garden from the Blake family - thank you!






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