Curriculum and Phonics

At Wickford Church of England School we teach the HEARTS curriculum, which can be found below.  The Trust employs three Directors of Learning to oversee the curriculum.  For more information the Directors of Learning can be contacted via


- Reception medium term plans_Autumn 2017

- Reception medium term plans_Spring 2018

- Reception medium term plans_Summer 2018



- Year 1 medium term plans_Autumn 2017

- Year 1 medium term plans_Spring 2018

- Year 1 medium term plans_Summer 2018


- Year 2 medium term plans_Autumn 2017

- Year 2 medium term plans_Spring 2018

- Year 2 medium term plans_Summer 2018


- KS1 Long Term Plans



This is how we teach reading at Wickford Church of England School.

See this link to see the order of how we teach letter sounds.


Some parents have told us that they would like to have a model of how to say all our ERR sounds.

This link takes you to a video which shows all the sounds very clearly.


We recommend that you start watching at 1 minute 48 seconds.  Click HERE


As this is on YouTube we advise that your child does not watch this without adult supervision.


Phonics - If you are unsure what sound a letter combination makes the following websites are useful resources which will say each sound clearly and blend it in a word. They are more useful for parents than children.


Tami Reis Frankfurt - Click HERE

“Mr Thorne does Phonics”  Click HERE


You may find this list of the first key words useful when supporting your child at home.  See this handy page of handwriting formation scripts.



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